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Jireh Hospitality Group takes pride in making a meaningful difference. Explore our ongoing support for organizations that share our commitment to positive change. Discover the stories of transformation and empowerment as we collaborate with impactful partners. Together, we are building a legacy of positive impact, one initiative at a time. This journey is about making a lasting difference in the lives of communities around the globe.

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Student Life is a ministry of Tandem Ministries New Zealand and part of the Cru Global Network. If you’d like to read more about what we believe, you can read it in four simple points, or check out their Statement of Faith.


By providing Bibles, biblical resources, language translations and training, together, your partnership is transforming lives globally by helping them engage with God’s Word, and in ways they understand, so they come to know Jesus.

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Smart Youth Cambodia Org is locally working within communities that are socially and economically struggling, aiming to uplift and empower individuals through education, skill-building, and community development initiatives.


Making a positive impact by working locally within communities to alleviate poverty and deprivation. Assisting families with basic needs, Shining Light Community Trust provides essential support to create a foundation for improved living conditions and enhanced well-being.

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